Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

TelhiniaOrganic early harvest olive oil, a unique product from our family olive groves in Ancient Sikyona. The harvest is strictly from October 3-8 every year. From unripe fruits of koroneiki and manaki.

The fruit is oiled every night within 3-4 hours of the fruit harvest, so that the ambient temperature is low The massage of the fruit is done in a two-phase olive mill, cold pressed and the massage does not exceed 20 minutes. This produces an authentic olive juice with high polyphenolic indexes. It is characterized by its intense green color, the intense fruity aroma in excellent combination with the bitter of the unripe fruit.

It accompanies excellent raw vegetables and grilled but is also consumed as isin the context of a healthy diet and homophagy. Limited production, packed in 500ml bottles with an expiration date of 11 months.

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